Turning rubber duckies into an action figure may not to the taste of everyone, but I pretty sure turning a Pringles packaging into a figure will. Also coming from Japan, from YouTuber 空箱職人はるきる (loosely translates to ‘empty box craftsman’), is an excellent interpretation of the Pringles man.

Pringles Figure Made From Pringles Package

空箱職人はるきる has a thing for turning packaging into figures and the Pringles man is just one of his many amazing works. However, we do think that Pringles was an excellent choice because, after all, Pringles have a face and so, it is only right that he get a body. Yeah. We know that ‘face’ is actually a potato chip…

Anyways, the Pringles figure was constructed entirely out of the Pringles packaging. I think the coolest part is the interpretation of what appears to be a Pringles aristocrat. The elegance cannot be overstated. Well, that and the details. Seriously, it has a three-suit on and check out the details on the shoes! Incredible!

Video after the break. Try to keep your jaw up.

Images: YouTube (空箱職人はるきる).

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