If the tech look of a smartwatch is stopping you from wearing one, then perhaps the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch (2020) may be able to change your mind. No. I am just bullshitting you. It won’t. If anything, new generations of smartwatches are very much non-smartwatch like. Just take a look what Samsung, Fossil and the likes have to offer. Do they look like smartwatches? I think not.

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch 2020

However, if you are the kind of consumer who think paying more means luxury and quality, well then, the third generation of TAG Heuer’s Connected smartwatch collection is a perfect fit for you. Don’t get me wrong. You have all the right to spend four-figure for a smartwatch if you have the means.

As an objective person, I would not. Lets be real. Smartwatches mostly run on similar innards and OS. There’s no calibration or whatsoever to justify for anything and so what are we really paying for? I really don’t know. For the brand, I guess? And for the design and maybe materials?

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch 2020

Of course, a major luxury watchmaker like TAG Heuer would have put in a lot of hard work the quality of built of the watch itself. There’s no doubt about that. At the end of the day, you’d be paying $1,800-$2,350 for what is essentially a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 powered device. It does not have the craftsmanship value to it like mechanical watches do, is what I am trying to say.

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Other details include a 45 mm stainless steel or titanium case with fixed ceramic bezel, 1.39-inch circular OLED touch display with 454 x 454 pixels, sapphire crystal, a digital crown, two pushers (function keys), WiFi, BT 4.1, GPS (GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS), a bunch of sensors and a 430 mAh battery good for 20 hours of standard use or just 6 in sport mode.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch Collection is available now.

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch 2020
TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch 2020

Images: TAG Heuer.

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