Would You Drop $1,800 Or More For The New TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch?

If the tech look of a smartwatch is stopping you from wearing one, then perhaps the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch (2020) may be able to change your mind. No. I am just bullshitting you. It won’t. If anything, new generations of smartwatches are very much non-smartwatch like. Just take a look what Samsung, Fossil and […]

TAG Heuer Adds A “Golf Edition” To Its Connected Modular 45 Line Up

TAG Heuer is continuing to build on the success of its Connected Modular 45 line with a new smartwatch aimed squarely at golfers. Simply referred to as TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 “Golf Edition”, this golf-orientated smart timepiece is linked to TAG Heuer Golf app that offers 3D renderings of over 39,000 courses, provides comprehensive […]

Behold! The World’s Most Expensive (Factory) Smartwatch Costs $180K!

At $180,000, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Full Diamond is the world’s most expensive smartwatch. You may argue that it is not the pricest, yet, but it is certainly the most opulent connected watch to have roll out of the factory; not aftermarket custom. $180K is a hell lot of money, but there are […]

TAG Heuer Celebrates 24 Of Le Mans With Formula 1 Gulf Wrist Watch

50 years ago, Ford GT 40 with its orange and blue livery of Gulf Oil claimed its first victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Fast forward today, luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer, who happens to be a partner of Gulf, celebrates the achievement made five decades ago with the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf […]

Bamford Adds Carbon And Aqua To Iconic TAG Heuer Monaco

You don’t need to be a watch connoisseur to adore a beautiful watch and it certainly don’t need a wrist watch lover to want to own this fabulous take of one of TAG Heuer’s most iconic timepiece: the TAG Heuer Monaco. Revamped by luxury watch customizer Bamford Watch Department, the TAG Heuer Monaco Heritage features […]

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Red Bull Racing Opens For Pre-Order

TAG Heuer marks the launch of the new Formula 1 Season last month with a celebratory smartwatch called TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Damn. I almost went out of breath reading the product name alone. Anywho, this special edition wearable tech is based on the brand’s smartwatch Connected Modular 45, […]

TAG Heuer’s First Smartwatch is Carrera-inspired, Cost $1,500 a Pop

Will electronics ever be a thing of luxury? Perhaps. Looking what Leica has done, it doesn’t seem impossible that luxury could have a place in the world of gadgets and if LG hasn’t proved so, then perhaps, TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch, dubbed Connected, would help to reinforce the notion. Holding hands with Google’s Android Wear […]


all over the world, smartphone users are suffering from power crunch and if only our smartphones have the technology like what TAG Heuer has put into its upcoming luxury phone MERIDIIST INFINITE, then all would be well in the power aspect. speaking of the MERIDIIST INFINITE, it has what the Swiss luxury watchmaker referred…

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watch

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer collection definitely honors the brands expertise’s in ultra watch making. Aquaracers are known to be used for water sports including diving hence each watch being water resistant to certain distances. The Tag Aquaracer appearing above in its full underwater glory is a unique piece from the rest of the mix.

TAG Heuer MERIDIIST II Luxury Phone

look around and you’d will be hard pressed to find anyone using a feature phone today, let alone one that cost four figures. however, for the select few who have the means to do so and has no desire to dive into the world of smartphones, there’s the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST II Luxury Phone to fill the luxury feature phone void.