Concrete is decidedly industrial, aesthetically, but these Concrete Basins by FORMED do not look, in the tiniest bit, industrial. I guess it is perfect for concrete object lovers who prefer a less in-the-face industrial vibe. Or just anyone who appreciate a unique basin.

FORMED Concrete Basins for Bathrooms

FORMED is not the first to make classy sinks out of concrete, though. Kast Concrete Basins is also in the business of making concrete basins and making them look, well, un-concrete.

Personally, I’d prefer the raw, unfinished look iconic of concrete material, but now, I am kind of drawn to the eye-popping colors and designs of FORMED. You can check out FORMED’s entire bathroom sink range HERE.

FORMED Concrete Basins for Bathrooms

But you may want to be seated when you check out the pricing. They are super luxe bathroom accessories. We noted the cheapest concrete sink in the current range commands a steep £1,050, which works to be around US$1,436 based on current going rate. More than a grand for a sink is an obvious luxury. I guess it is good thing it does not look like cheap concrete.

FORMED Concrete Basins for Bathrooms
FORMED Concrete Basins for Bathrooms

Images: FORMED.

Source: design milk.

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