Folks who grew up in the 80s loving the big cat-like humanoid superheroes cartoon series, ThunderCats, will definitely thrilled to know the new Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank.

Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank

Mind you, though. This is not the puny toy from 80s. This thing is HUGE. It stretches 27 inches long – that’s over 2 feet long – and 17 inches across. It is so big that it can swallow the FOUR original ThunderTank inside

The real draw here, however, is not just because of the size; very importantly, it plays well with Super7 ThunderCats 7-inch Ultimates figures and that it actually has seating for six figures. I am sure Panthro will be overjoyed.

Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank

As fans may have noted, the Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank sports a cartoon accurate deco and it further features opening cargo bay doors, an articulated mechanical jaw, glow-in-the-dark eyes, working rubber tank treads, rolling wheels with steel axles, hidden cannons in articulated arm and forehead panel, 2 different windshields (armored and aquatic mode), removable swiveling turret, and an incredibly detailed cockpit, wall paneling, and paint job that makes it look straight out of the cartoon series.

Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank

Each unit also comes with the requisite Thunderillium storage container because, the ThunderTank needs to be fueled. Just kidding. This collectible toy vehicle does not need to be powered.

The only power it needs is your hands and also your power to spend because, this Ultimates scale vehicle does not come cheap. The Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank will set you back at a cool US$450. Pre-order is now happening on Super7 and other online toy retailers.

Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates! ThunderTank

Images: Super7.

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Source: Toy Hype USA.

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