Harry Potter eBooks To Be Available Soon Thru Pottermore

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fans of Harry Potter will soon have any media to read their favorite Harry Potter books. JK Rowling’s upcoming website, simply known as Pottermore will be teaming up with Google to release the Harry Potter’s ebooks in the USA through Google Books libraries. these ebooks can be purchased from Pottermore and store them on Google Books cloud library that allows you to read the ebooks anywhere, and on any devices as long there is Internet browser and Internet connectivity.
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ebooks aside, JK Rowling’s Pottermore will be a free website where readers can be treated with information about the Harry Potter’s world and interactive online experiences along with their ebooks reading process. how is it going to be done remains to be seen. i am not a particularly huge fan but i am waiting in anticipation of what Pottermore has installed for us. the Pottermore will open its door to the world in October 2011. check out a short intro by the lady herself in the video after the jump.

Inside Google Books / Pottermore via Hardware Zone

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