Sanyo introduced higher capacity Eneloop Mobile boosters

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(credit: Sanyo) Sanyo Eneloop Mobile | from ¥3,500.00 |

mobile users like me will always welcome mobile chargers with open arms and i did so when Sanyo announced its latest Eneloop Mobile boosters. notice booster is in plural? that’s because it announced not one but two boosters and these boosters are of higher capacities then its predecessors. the mobile boosters KBC-L54D and KBC-L27D features lithium-ion batteries of 5,400 mAh and 2,500 mAh, respectively.
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along with the higher capacities, the boosters also has higher output (1.5A, to be exact) thus enables quicker charging of your smartphones and tablets. in fact, the Eneloop Mobile can be used to charge various gadgets using USB power ports. as with all mobile charger, these boosters are rechargeable via AC adaptor or USB ports on your computer. a LED light uses three colors to indicate the remaining capacity of the booster. the new Sanyo Eneloop Mobile boosters will be available this September in Japan with a retail price of ¥3,500 for the KBC-L27D and ¥5,000 for the KBC-L54D.

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Panasonic-Sanyo via Akihabara News

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