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Easy Macro Cell Lens Band – lens on a rubber band

Easy Macro Cell Lens Band
(image: Photojojo) Easy Macro Cell Lens Band | US$15.00 | photojojo.com

we have seen how folks use rubber bands to create the world’s (ridiculously) largest rubber band balls and we have used them so often that we might have just took them for granted but who would have thought one day it would be part of our mobile phone accessory? the truth is, this seemingly unimportant stretchy band has now evolved into an Easy Macro Cell Lens Band that will turn any mobile phone into a macro shooter in an instant. the elastic band features a built-in macro lens for those all-important close-up shots. simply slip the band over your mobile or smartphone, align the macro lens to your device’s camera and you are all set. when you are done using it, simply slip it on your wrist or use it to hold your bulging wallet closed. Continue reading Easy Macro Cell Lens Band – lens on a rubber band

Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box

Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box 900x515px
(image: Motorola Mobility) Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box | ¥8,800.00 | www.motorola.com

the graphics power of today’s smartphone is something we could only dream of a decade ago. its power has grow beyond what we could have imagine and to share its power with a laptop or share a video on high definition TVs seems like a logical route to take. with that understanding, Motorola Mobility Japan has announced the Motorola PHOTON HD Station bundle box that let PHOTON users view their HD content in their smartphone on any HDMI-equipped HDTVs. the bundle comes with a sleek PHOTON HD Station dock, HDMI cable, an IR remote control, and AC charger. Continue reading Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger 800x500px
(photos: Thanko) Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger | ¥1,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

if pedaling a two-wheeler is your primary means of transport then here’s a nifty accessory for your bike that should keep your power hungry mobile devices juiced up while you are pedaling your way to wherever you may go. meet the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger, a dynamo with USB output port that can keep your mobile device juiced as you pedal on. this contraption consists of three parts, the dynamo that mounts to the front or rear fork of your bicycle, the charging unit with the USB port, and a mobile device holder that can be secured to your bicycle’s handle bar. Continue reading Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal

Quirky Ray juice up your gadgets with solar power

Quirky Ray 900x500px
(photos: Quirky) Quirky Ray | US$39.99(pre-sale) | www.quirky.com

while on your road-warrior lifestyle, you probably find it hard locate a decent wall outlet to charge up your mobile gadgets. to this end, the market presents a myriad of choices for portable battery chargers but those contraptions needed to be charged too. that’s where Quirky Ray makes its appearance. it is a solar powered charger for charging your electronic gadgets on-the-go. sure, solar chargers aren’t new but what makes Ray stand out is its versatility in placement: a suction cup exist, allowing it to stick to the windows or windscreen to get the much needed solar energy, or you can deploy the kickstand for placement on flat surfaces. all in an effort to get the optimum sun ray. Continue reading Quirky Ray juice up your gadgets with solar power

iWrench Stand props up your phone by wrenching it

iWrench Stand 544x333x
(image credit: Strapya) iWrench Stand for iPhone 4 or iPod | ¥430.00 | www.strapya-world.com

if you are those with an insatiable appetite for toilet-related equipment, then you probably want your mobile devices to bear that toilet-esque mark too. iPlunge has probably satisfy you a wee bit, so how about adding a wrench to the collection? you know, the tool that you use to settle those wretch sink problems? meet iWrench Stand, a tiny accessory that props up your smartphone or MP3 player like the iPlunger does but with a twist, literally. well, actually it takes more than a twist. design to look like your real deal pipe wrench, it comes complete with an adjustable jaw that can be adjusted to wrench to one side of your phone, propping it up. in that sense, it could fit more than just the thin iPhone but also thicker devices. not exactly a straight forward way to prop a device up but it is definitely scores on the conversational department. if you hook up a ring at its end, you could even use it as a keychain. neat. the iWrench can be yours for just ¥430 (US$5.60). Continue reading iWrench Stand props up your phone by wrenching it

Sanyo introduced higher capacity Eneloop Mobile boosters

Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster 544x388px
(credit: Sanyo) Sanyo Eneloop Mobile | from ¥3,500.00 | panasonic.net

mobile users like me will always welcome mobile chargers with open arms and i did so when Sanyo announced its latest Eneloop Mobile boosters. notice booster is in plural? that’s because it announced not one but two boosters and these boosters are of higher capacities then its predecessors. the mobile boosters KBC-L54D and KBC-L27D features lithium-ion batteries of 5,400 mAh and 2,500 mAh, respectively. Continue reading Sanyo introduced higher capacity Eneloop Mobile boosters

the world’s smallest micro four thirds camera [video]

Olympus PEN Tiny-Mini 544x308px
(credit: via MIC Gadget) Olympus PEN Tiny-Mini | US$6.90 | store.micgadget.com

hold up your excitement for the world’s smallest Olympus micro four thirds camera E-PL1 and E-P2, well, they are not real functioning camera per say but they are exact miniature replicas of the real stuff. still it is a sight to behold and definitely something that should appeal to fans of Olympus (the camera, not the Greek God) and shutterbugs alike. use it as a keychain, as a cellphone strap or whatever. honesty, at just $6.90 a pop, i almost click on ‘add to cart’ myself. want one? then you better hurry as there are only 100 pieces in stock and last checked, the E-PL2 (black) is already out of stock. in case you are wondering, they are official products from Olympus and was given away as part of an Olympus promotion in Hong Kong. check a very cool promo video with a very cool soundtrack in a language that i don’t understand after the break. Continue reading the world’s smallest micro four thirds camera

Midland SubZero Headphones warm your ears with music

Midland SubZero Headphones img1 544px
(image credit: Firebox) Midland SubZero Headphones | £34.99 | www.firebox.com

for those living in ever-so-cold country, earmuffs are worn to protect your ears. that can be so dull and boring cos’ wearing earmuffs don’t give you music to keep you in the grooves while you are traveling or zipping down the snowy alps of Switzerland. you wish you could put on a pair of cans instead but not without getting frozen ears. not with the Midland SubZero Headphones though – it’s a headphones that keep your ears cosy and warm in the harsh wintery days.

the interior of the earmuffs, i mean the headphones are lined with soft cotton-fur with flush earphones built inside the lining. it comes with inline remote and mic for taking calls or skipping through tracks while you are trekking towards your destination, prowling through the snow. this pair of cans will work with iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry and it won’t impede you from wearing your headgear. the SubZero is worn around the back of your head, so it will go nicely along with your headgear or ski goggles.

the Midland SubZero Headphones comes in four different styles: Black, White, Camo (as in camouflage) and Luxe Black Leather.

Midland SubZero Headphones img2 544px
(image credit: Firebox)

Midland SubZero Headphones img3 544px
(image credit: Firebox)

concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station

Grassy Lawn Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Grassy Lawn Charging Station | US$24.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

it can be mess trying to charge all your gadgets all at the same time and the wires snaking around isn’t going to be a pleasant sight. solution? you can either choose to go wireless charging (albeit, pricier but more ‘high-tech’) or you can get yourself the Grassy Lawn Charging Station. Continue reading concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station

keep your mobile phones from the elements: CleverWraps RingerWraps

CleverWraps RingerWraps 544px

(photo credit: cleverwraps.com) CleverWraps RingerWraps | US$9.99 | www.cleverwraps.com

mobile phones are susceptible to element like water, perspiration, snow, sand et cetera the list just goes on. these guys over at CleverWraps developed a Zip-Loc type bag specifically to protect your precious communication devices. in a nutshell, RingerWraps are downsized Zip-Loc bag complete with zip closure and re-sealable tape.

RingerWraps come in three sizes: small, medium and large, catering to different phone sizes. slip in your mobile, zip it and tape it and your mobile shall be protected from the nasty elements. CleverWraps promise that users will still be able to dial, talk, text, browse and listen to your favorite tunes while the phone is sealed in the RingerWraps.

some heads up of the RingerWraps sizing: small size caters to bar phones or devices (also known as candy bar phones/devices) such as iPhone, Blackberry, iPod Touch and iPod Classic; medium size caters to vertical flip and slide phones and; larger size caters to horizontal flip and slide phones, and also extra large smart phones.

since the mobile phones these days are similar in size, we would think that the sizes available should cover most devices. with your device securely in the RingerWraps, you can now go jet-skiing, slope skiing or hit the beach without the worry of getting your device wet and the best part: not missing a single call or text message. we just don’t have any clue how you’re going to answer your phone while skiing down the alps. not that we recommend anyone to do so.

via CNET