the world’s smallest micro four thirds camera [video]

Olympus PEN Tiny-Mini 544x308px
(credit: via MIC Gadget) Olympus PEN Tiny-Mini | US$6.90 |

hold up your excitement for the world’s smallest Olympus micro four thirds camera E-PL1 and E-P2, well, they are not real functioning camera per say but they are exact miniature replicas of the real stuff. still it is a sight to behold and definitely something that should appeal to fans of Olympus (the camera, not the Greek God) and shutterbugs alike. use it as a keychain, as a cellphone strap or whatever. honesty, at just $6.90 a pop, i almost click on ‘add to cart’ myself. want one? then you better hurry as there are only 100 pieces in stock and last checked, the E-PL2 (black) is already out of stock. in case you are wondering, they are official products from Olympus and was given away as part of an Olympus promotion in Hong Kong. check a very cool promo video with a very cool soundtrack in a language that i don’t understand after the break.

via M.I.C. Gadget

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