Technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and so, if you travel often, you ought to keep yourself updated with an all-rounder travel adapter. I mean, seriously, the boring and sometimes, flimsy (speaking from personal experience, btw), traditional travel adapter is so passé. That’s not mention that some so-called travel adapters don’t quite cover the 15 official different sockets that exist. Sadly, not many manufacturers care, but today, we came across one that truly cares about having you covered, no matter where you go. Meet myPowerMate, a travel adapter that promised have the aforementioned 15 types of sockets covered and doing so adorably.

myPowerMate Travel Adapter with USB Type-C

myPowerMate looks like a cartoon character, but the flexibility is anything but cartoonish. Apart from adapting to all 15 different sockets available today (and possibly anything in between), it is splash proof, has a built-in flash memory, a multi-inlet that fits every plug imaginable, and it has a USB Type-C port, so you can get USB-powered devices charging without packing in an additional adapter. As far as safety is concerned, it boasts an auto resetting fuse that ensures devices hooked up to it won’t go up in flame and it is made of TPE, a fireproof thermoplastic elastomer, that is also flexible.

myPowerMate Travel Adapter with USB Type-C

If you love what you see, you may want to consider helping Germany-based myPowerMate out in their Kickstarter campaign. For an early bird pledge of 27-36 euros (which is about US$30-40) you will secure a unit destined for January 2018 delivery. But this being a Kickstarter project, whether or not it will see fruition depends very much on the outcome of the campaign. At the point of this writing, the campaign is looking healthy with over €10K received from nearly 200 backers, and it has a month more to go. So, do what you think its right.

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Skip ahead for a rather intriguing product pitch campaign.

myPowerMate Travel Adapter with USB Type-C

myPowerMate Travel Adapter with USB Type-C

Images courtesy of myPowerMate.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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