It has been several years, but I have never forgiven Jony Ive for the blasphemous Apple AirPods design. Though I have admit, the sight of it now has ‘soften’ somehow. I am still not liking the design, but I am fine by it if it isn’t in white. It still sticks out like a sore thumb, but at least not as much as a swelling thumb like if it is in white. That said, I certainly have no issue of it being covered in precious stones like this pair of diamond-encrusted AirPods whipped up by Los Angeles-based designer Ian Delucca, called Object No. 1.

Ian Delucca Diamond AirPods

Part of the designer’s “NEW MATERIALISM” series that fuses art and commerce in a seamless manner, Ian gave the AirPods the super luxe makeover in a manner of white gold and 1,000 individual VVS natural, mined diamonds. The result is a pair of wireless earbuds that’s luxurious without feeling ostentatious. Each pair further features edition number and creation date inscribed on it for the added touch of exclusivity.

Finally, a custom marble charging that reinforces the elegance this thousand-diamond AirPods bring about. Object No. 1 diamond AirPods is not for everyone, though. Not only they are of limited run of just 25 units, each pair cost an objection $20,000. Yes! You heard that right! That’s 20 sweet grand for a pair of wireless earphones.

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If you are undaunted by the price, you may touch base with Ian via his Instagram page to find how you can pick up a pair. The good news is, we believe they are available for your taking.

Images: Instagram (@iandelucca).

Source: Uncrate via Hypebeast.

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