You know the saying of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it?” Well, I guess the concept of whether or not something is “broken” differs from people to people. Take for example, the folks over at Chassepot seems to think today’s keyboard, specifically the layout, is ‘broken’ or at least, they think it can be improved. And to prove the point, they have made keyboard called Chassepot Keyboard C1000 Pro.

What makes the Chassepot Keyboard C1000 Pro so”unique” is, it is just 60 percent width of a full-size keyboard. As you can probably can imagine, the keyboard becomes deeper as the result of the squishing of all the keys. Now, the thing is, keyboards are narrow (in depth) for a very good reason. It allows keys at the top rows to be accessed even while your wrists are resting on the table.

Chassepot Keyboard C1000 Pro

However, with Chassepot’s proposition, you can’t do that anymore. To be fair, whatever keys are on the top rows are not inaccessible. They are, but you can do so while resting your wrists comfortably on the table or wrist rest. Is it a good thing? I don’t know man. I am not sure if it could even consider a “revolutionary layout” as Chassepot claimed. I do not dispute the fact that our use is born out of our habits, but still, stretching to reach for keys seem quite a bit of, ermmm, stretch, is it not? I mean, would it not result in fatigue quicker. No?

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Anywho, as far as features go, Chassepot Keyboard C1000 Pro is fully programmable, allowing you to do custom key mappings, macros and program the RGB lights. It further allows up to three Bluetooth devices to be paired to it, plus another device hooked up via wired connection, and it apparently plays well with all major OSes. If you are interested, Chassepot is selling the keyboard on its website for $199.

Chassepot Keyboard C1000 Pro

Images: Chassepot.

Source: YouTube (Linus Tech Tips).

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