Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal

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(photos: Thanko) Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger | ¥1,980.00 |

if pedaling a two-wheeler is your primary means of transport then here’s a nifty accessory for your bike that should keep your power hungry mobile devices juiced up while you are pedaling your way to wherever you may go. meet the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger, a dynamo with USB output port that can keep your mobile device juiced as you pedal on. this contraption consists of three parts, the dynamo that mounts to the front or rear fork of your bicycle, the charging unit with the USB port, and a mobile device holder that can be secured to your bicycle’s handle bar.
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as you ride, the dynamo generates the power from the rotating bicycle tire and send it through a meter long cable to the charging unit, ready to juice up any of your USB powered mobile device such as your iPhone/iPod, smartphone or GPS device. though, user will have to provide their own device charging cable to hook up to the charging unit. the only let down is, the power is generated on the fly and there’s no internal battery to store the generated power if no device is connected to charge. nevertheless, it is a good start and should be a welcoming news for gadget-laden cyclists. according to Thanko, it can generate up to a maximum of 500 mA but that figure is dependent how fast you can pedal. so for the 500 mA, you will need to achieve at least 20 km/h or more.

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the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger cost ¥1,980 (about US$26) a pop and it is yet another Japan-only product but you should know the drill by now if you really want one.

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