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Thanko’s Super Gorone Desk Lets You Use Your Laptop While Lying Down

Laptop. The wonder portable computer that enables hardworking folks to work virtually anywhere, including on the sofa, on the floor and now, even on the bed, lying down – thanks to this nifty 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs) portable laptop furniture known as Super Gorone Desk from Japan’s maestro of all things weird, Thanko (and why am I not surprised?). Set up in seconds, Super Gorone Desk enable you to secure your laptop of up to 20mm (0.8-inch) thick and use it upside down as you lie in the comfort of your bed, typing furiously on the keyboard. We are not sure if we would want to do that, but if you are a busy bee who desire to work even when chilling out on your cosy bed, well then, Super Gorone Desk is the laptop accessory for you. No doubt about. Continue reading Thanko’s Super Gorone Desk Lets You Use Your Laptop While Lying Down

What We Have Missed: Day 215, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

HP Michael Bastian Smartwatch HP is Working With Gilt And Michael Bastian To Develop A Stylish Smartwatch
want a smartwatch to go with your suit? then look out for this yet-to-named, HP smartwatch. HP have chose to partner with Gilt and fashion designer Michael Bastian to come up with a smartwatch that will have stainless steel case, a choice of rubber or leather straps, and of course, a round face. LEARN MORE. [via]

FormNation E-Ink Smartphone FormNation Wants Phone To Last For A Month By Going On E-ink
Pleasantville fans keep your fingers crossed, cos’ if FormNation has its way, life will be awesomely painted in black and white. it has came up with a concept phone that uses e-ink for affordability and of course, battery endurance, and it wants you to appreciate the beauty of black and white. LEARN MORE. [via]
The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker The Barisieur Wants You To Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee
the Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee maker rolled into one. when the set time is reached, it starts boiling the water necessary for dripping the coffee of your choice. it comes complete with a digital display, a vial for milk, and a drawer for your ground coffee and sugar. about £250. LEARN MORE. [via]
Emanuele Pizzolorusso Fold Pot For Zincere Fold Pot Grows With Your Plant So You Don’t Need To Repot
growing potted plants can be a lot fun, but repotting them is not necessary fun. to eliminate the need for repotting, designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso came up with the idea of a folding pot. made of silicone, this rubber pot has its side folded down and can be extended as the plant grows. LEARN MORE. [via]
Thanko Thumb Extender This Fake Thumb Will Extend Your Reach Of Your Thumb For Big Phones
Thanko has a thumb extender for those who find today’s handsets are a little too big to handle. with it slipped on, it will add a couple of inches, allowing you to reach far across your large screen phone. it has a capacitive tip on the end, so tapping and swiping shouldn’t be an issue. 1,480 Yen. BUY. [via]
VivaLnk Digital Tattoo For Moto X VivaLnk Wants You To Unlock Your Moto X Phone With This Digital Tattoo
ok, maybe it is not the tattoo, tattoo, but this nickel-sized digital tattoo sticks to your wrist or wherever convenient will allow you to unlock the Moto X with a simple touch so you can shave a second or two each time you need to check on your phone. each sticker can be worn up to 5 days. a pack of 10 for $9.99. BUY.

This Telescope Lets You View The Moon Using Your iPhone 5

iPhone, with the right accessories and apps, is quite a capable piece of hardware. it can assist you in doing a myriad of things including whipping up a good healthy meal, help you grill the perfect meat, check on your blood pressure – just to name a few and now, you can add astronomy to the list too, well, sort of. the aptly named Astronomical Telescope For iPhone 5 is the rig you will want to have if you love gazing at the stars without having to stick one eye to an eyepiece. obviously, this is not a pro, pro-grade equipment, but despite that, it is still capable astronomy equipment capable of 100X magnifications which you, your families and friends can view together off the iPhone 5/5s’ 4-inch display and on top that, you will be able to capture those breathtaking celestial views too. according to Thanko, at 100X magnification is enough for you to see the craters on the moon. Continue reading This Telescope Lets You View The Moon Using Your iPhone 5

Night Vision Scope Camera

scouting your prey in the dark can be an expensive and unfruitful event. seriously, if you think about it, the initial investment for a night vision mono- or binocular is not cheap and even if you have that already, you’d be just watching and not be able to relive those moments at a later time. thankfully, there’s the Night Vision Scope Camera that is not only affordable, but also one that allows you to observe and record. costing a mere 19,800 Japanese money or around 195 bucks, it offers seven adjustable IR levels for night observation and packs a 1/5″ CMOS sensor for capturing stills of 640 x 480 resolution and videos of up to 640 x 480 resolution at 25 fps. though it is noteworthy that video footage does without audio, which can be quite a bummer for some. the device offers 3X power telescope and 2X digital zoom for observing and recording distant objects and has an effective visible distant in the dark of up to 100 meters (330 feet), which should be ample for most regular applications. Continue reading Night Vision Scope Camera

Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger

while a 1,000 mAh like the Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger doesn’t sound like much for a portable battery, its extremely compact form factor with a mere 4.5mm thinnest sure sounds enticing. marketed by all-things-quirky store, Thanko, the Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger would be the must-have emergency juice pack for anyone who loathe lugging around a 500 grams or more backup battery. apart from tipping the scale at a feather light 35 grams, it offers 1,000 mAh of juice from its lithium-ion battery and a 4GB onboard storage to boot. if you think of it, it is like carrying a USB flash drive that fits into your shirt’s breast pocket or wallet, and can also charge up your smartphone in time of emergencies. Continue reading Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger

Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses

apart from voyeurism, we can’t think of any reasons why one would need to record everything discreetly. nevertheless, if you are in market for a video camera glasses, then you should really check out the Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses. it is definitely one of the better looking video camera glasses out there and the deal sweetener here are probably its full HD video recording capability and a sleek aesthetic. at glance, the Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses looks like just any glasses, but upon closer inspection, one might have noticed its thicker-than-usual temples which is necessary to accommodate a super tiny video camera and microSD card slot. a cleverly designed hinge system allows you access to the said microSD card slot and a power button, located at the inside of the left temple, activates the recording function. Continue reading Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses

Air Gesture Mouse (Glove)

Air Gesture Mouse (Glove)
Air Gesture Mouse (Glove) | ¥4,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

is the Minority Report air gesture operated control still lingering in your head? and are you dreaming that you will be experiencing that sort control within your lifetime? well, you are in luck cos’ it is dream no more. for 4,980 Japanese money (about US$62), you could be doing that – with your existing TV. yeap, that’s right, there won’t be a pre-crime department just yet. dubbed as the “Android SmartTV Box” (we prefer to call it Air Gesture Mouse [Glove] which is what we will call it anyway), this glove and sort-of-set-top-box combo Continue reading Air Gesture Mouse (Glove)

UV Sterilization Cradle keeps bacteria away from your iPhone

UV Sterilization Cradle
UV Sterilization Cradle | ¥2,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

we all know bacteria live among us and they exist everywhere, including taking up residents on our beloved and much used gadgets such as MP3 players, earphones and smartphones et cetera. the UV Sterilization Cradle featured here is dedicated to all hygiene freaks who knew this unfortunate fact and wish to minimize the bacteria infestation on their lovely mobile gadgets. the concept is simple: this nifty gadget uses ultraviolet to disinfect the mobile gadget that you cradle within it. the device comes with a cradle to contain smaller items like your iPhone, MP3 player, earphones or even your jewelry, if you wish. for bigger gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S II, simply remove the cradle and the S II sits right in and you are all set. Continue reading UV Sterilization Cradle keeps bacteria away from your iPhone

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger 800x500px
(photos: Thanko) Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger | ¥1,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

if pedaling a two-wheeler is your primary means of transport then here’s a nifty accessory for your bike that should keep your power hungry mobile devices juiced up while you are pedaling your way to wherever you may go. meet the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger, a dynamo with USB output port that can keep your mobile device juiced as you pedal on. this contraption consists of three parts, the dynamo that mounts to the front or rear fork of your bicycle, the charging unit with the USB port, and a mobile device holder that can be secured to your bicycle’s handle bar. Continue reading Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal

Thanko Bluetooth Keyboard with leather carrying case

Thanko Bluetooth Keyboard with Carrying Case 800x800px
(photos: Thanko) iPhone case with removable Bluetooth keyboard | ¥5,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

we have seen quite a few iPhone keyboards around but most of them had the Bluetooth keyboard integrated closely to its iPhone case. not quite the same for this particular Thanko’s rendition. the Thanko Bluetooth keyboard [JP] comes with a leather carrying case that doubles as an iPhone case, thus keeping it close to your iPhone but yet allows the ease of removable when required. a snap button closure keeps the iPhone and keyboard closed much like a wallet, albeit being rather thick in its overall profile. though i am wary about having the phone’s screen facing the keyboard when closed which might increase the risk of the screen being scratched. Continue reading Thanko Bluetooth Keyboard with leather carrying case