while a 1,000 mAh like the Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger doesn’t sound like much for a portable battery, its extremely compact form factor with a mere 4.5mm thinnest sure sounds enticing. marketed by all-things-quirky store, Thanko, the Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger would be the must-have emergency juice pack for anyone who loathe lugging around a 500 grams or more backup battery. apart from tipping the scale at a feather light 35 grams, it offers 1,000 mAh of juice from its lithium-ion battery and a 4GB onboard storage to boot. if you think of it, it is like carrying a USB flash drive that fits into your shirt’s breast pocket or wallet, and can also charge up your smartphone in time of emergencies.

for just 2,980 Yen, or about US$30, it also comes pack with tiny size cable with four types of connectors, including Lightning and 30-pin connectors, micro USB connector for most smartphones, as well as a mini USB suitable for digital cameras. to get the this uber sleek portable battery charger to full charge requires around 3 hours. the Gokuusu Business Card-Size Portable Battery Charger is available to the Japanese market today (July 10, Japanese Time). for those outside of Japan, you may want to keep your eyes peeled on the newly launched Thanko international Internet shopping site, Thanko RAREMONOSHOP.JP, for this to turn up, or hook up with your long lost friend who is living somewhere in Japan. your choice.

Thanko [JP] via Oh Gizmo!

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