Can a ring-like device help improve your health and wellness? Well, apparently, that is what this ring, called Circular Smart Ring, from French startup Circular claims it can do.

Circular Smart Ring

Circular Smart Ring is packed with sensors that enable it to detect 142 metrics including heart rate variability, blood oxygenation, breathing rate, body temperature, and more.

And it claims to not just provide raw data but offers insights through a companion app on your smartphone which also touts a personal assistant. The ring pairs with your Android smartphone or iPhone via Bluetooth.

“Circular correlates every day and night metrics to give personalized recommendations that help users in making good decisions and responding to their body signals in a healthier way: better sleep, physical activities and heart recovery, health proactive monitoring to alert on diseases such as sleep apnea, etc.”

Circular Smart Ring

If it delivers as promised, it is certainly an impressive feat considering how tiny this thing is. I mean it is a freaking ring! Speaking of which, Circular Smart Ring weighs a paltry 4g (1.55 oz.) and it is water resistance up to 5 meters (16 feet).

Despite it being waterproof, it actually has an interchangeable outer shell. An onboard battery offers up to 4 days of use per charge. Recharging is done in just 45 minutes using the included USB key.

Circular Smart Ring

Like a smartwatch, it also does push notifications, alerts, and more, in spite of it not having a display. Notifications, alerts, and whatnot are communicated via vibrating motor.

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Circular Smart Ring is available for both men and women in 7 sizes. Circular Smart Ring, which some of you may have seen at CES 2022, is preparing for a presale campaign on February 27, on its website. Delivery is expected to happen between April and June 2022. And the asking price? US$259, which is the price of a smartwatch.

Circular Smart Ring
Circular Smart Ring
Circular Smart Ring

Images: Circular.

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