Thanko Bluetooth Keyboard with leather carrying case

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(photos: Thanko) iPhone case with removable Bluetooth keyboard | ¥5,980.00 |

we have seen quite a few iPhone keyboards around but most of them had the Bluetooth keyboard integrated closely to its iPhone case. not quite the same for this particular Thanko’s rendition. the Thanko Bluetooth keyboard [JP] comes with a leather carrying case that doubles as an iPhone case, thus keeping it close to your iPhone but yet allows the ease of removable when required. a snap button closure keeps the iPhone and keyboard closed much like a wallet, albeit being rather thick in its overall profile. though i am wary about having the phone’s screen facing the keyboard when closed which might increase the risk of the screen being scratched.
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the case gives the phone and a keyboard a slightly wider distance apart, and since the keyboard is not fixed to the case permanently, it can be removed and stow away in the bag when not required or used with other compatible iDevices such as iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile devices, and it even works with Sony Playstation 3, with a range up to 10-meters (33-feet). the onboard battery frees your mobile devices from the burden of having to support yet another accessory, while offering up to 50-hours of usage time and 400-hours of standby time with a single charge (which takes about 3-4 hours).

the Thanko Bluetooth Keyboard with carrying case cost ¥5,980 a pop (about US$78) and is available for both iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. check out a gallery of the Thanko Bluetooth Keyboard with carrying case after the break.

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