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before the kids of the 60s and 70s learned about hot rods, Pink Panther Car (aka Panthermobile) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were perhaps the cars that captured our hearts the most. the good thing is, these cars are not ready to go down the pages of history just yet. both iconic vehicles from the TV series Pink Panther Show and fantasy movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are going the under the hammer. the auction is hosted by BidSpotter via an exclusive online bidding process, starting from September 4 through to October 14, 2011. the Panthermobile was created by Jay Ohrberg way back in 1969 for the popular Pink Panther Show. for the uninitiated, Jay was also the man behind several iconic cars of our time including the original Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T., Back to the Future DeLorean, the Ford Gran Torino ‘General Lee’ as seen on Starsky and Hutch, and as well as Batmobiles of the 1966 and 1989. the Panthermobile is expected to fetch between £50,000 and £100,000 (about US$76,990 and US$154,000).
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also going under the hammer is the iconic flying car from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (United Pictures, 1968). this is not exactly the original car as featured in the movie per say but it was a licensed recreation by Tony Green who used the hardware from one of the six original movie cars. regardless, this faithful replica features everything you expect from the original flying machine which include folding wings, a propeller and rotating blades that actually moves. of course, it will do everything except the flying part. now, we all know that flying cars are yet to be an reality, don’t we? so let’s get back down to reality and realize that this vehicle will be expected to reap a princely sum of between £150,000 and£150,000 (about US$230,970 and US$385,000). understanding that most common folks like us would never had a chance to lay our hands on these exquisite icons, we have a gallery of these duo lined up for your viewing pleasure after the break.

Robson Kay and BidSpotter via Autoblog

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