When it comes to product designs, we tend to fall back on the norm after a while. Take for example the skatescooter. It is almost always the same ’T’ stem attached to a board design with a pair of wheels. It seems like there isn’t anything to improve on, well, but not if industrial designer, and Ph.D. holder, Mateusz Sipiora can help it.

Supersonic Skatescooter by Mateusz Sipiora

His skatescooter, called Supersonic, completely rethinks how a skatescooter should be. Not going to lie. It is very refreshing and exciting even, to see a skatescooter that does not look like the next one it is parked next to. I really appreciate it. I really, really do. Same reason why Audi e-tron scooter and D-Fly Dragonfly Hyperscooter excite us.

Anywho, for Supersonic, Sipiora took inspiration from organic shapes – specifically the structure of plant cells, and it was conceived with sustainability in mind.

The design started with 3D printed models and subsequently matured into transportation made up of precisely bend aluminum flat bars welded together.

The openwork structure offers a rigid structure while drastically reducing the weight. And oh yes, it can be folded down too, making it even easier to tote around when not in use. Though it is a little on the long side when collapsed.

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Also challenging the convention is the wheels; it is three-wheeled as opposed to the norm of two for scooters of this stature. Three-wheeled not only ensure ride stability, but boost structural integrity, and it does need a kickstart when parked.

Riding the scooter is pretty much the same as a regular scooter. It uses a combination of a steering wheel and leaning.

Supersonic Skatescooter by Mateusz Sipiora

It is not clear if Mateusz Sipiora’s design will make it into production and become something money can buy.

Images: Instagram (@mateusz.sipiora).

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