Razer‘s ingenious RGB lighting solution, Chroma, was originally conceived as a means of immersive gaming experience. But we heard that Chroma is stepping out to beyond gaming. No. It is not a Razer Chroma Toaster, or any appliance for that matter. It is much bigger than a toaster. Razer Chroma is getting inside cars in China too, as announced by electric car startup Leapmotor in an unveiling event (and reported by Windows Central earlier this month).

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And it does stop there. We heard, Razer Chroma is coming to electric skateboard too. Yes, seriously. Chroma is everywhere and Arc Boards is the Singapore-based electric skateboard maker that is spearheading to bring Chroma to powered skateboard. The company has has announced via various social media platforms that it is incorporating Razer Chroma in its next electric skateboard model called The Raven.

Details are scarce at this point, but TBH, the details aren’t crucial when you already have a video of The Raven rolling showing Razer Chroma in all its glory. This being Razer Chroma, there is no doubt that the light effect will be programmable and so, the only thing we are curious to find out is, can the Chroma react to how you ride the board. Anyways, the gist of the story is, Razer Chroma is coming to electric skateboards (and electric cars too).

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Razer Chroma is creeping into every aspect of our life.

Raven Skateboard Powered by Razer Chroma

Images: Arc Boards.

Source: Windows Central.

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