Rinspeed BamBoo wants you to hit the beach, connected

Rinspeed Bamboo Beach main 544x358px
this latest rendition of the Rinspeed Bamboo Concept is the result of the collaboration between Swiss engineering firms 4erC and Esoro. on top of what the original Bamboo Concept has, this latest iteration has been given an artistic treatment by world renowned pop artist James Rizzi and numerous new features that will entice you to hit the beach once again. as with the original Rinspeed Bamboo Concept, this is definitely not a car for power-hungry petrol head but it is geared more towards the appreciation of lifestyle.
[ad#Google Adsense-text-468×60] the Bamboo Concept now goes on an ‘open concept’ which aims to further entice the driver and its occupant to get in touch with the nature. the pair of rear seats and the roof are detachable inflatables which can be removed as and when needed. if you loathe getting your bum all dirty from the sandy beach, no worries, remove the rear seats and use to keep your butt all nice and comfy. developed by Swiss firm Technotex, the roof is treated with water-resistant coating and can be readily removed, deflated and turned into a beach blanket. the integrated blower on board allows inflation of the roof and the seats.

Rinspeed Bamboo Beach - removable roof 544x358px
(above) removable two-piece inflated roof with artwork by James Rizzi on its top

another interesting concept incorporated in this EV is the innovative “Identiface” that replaces the traditional radiator grille which is almost redundant on an electric vehicle. developed by Daimler subsidiary MBTech, the Identiface is able to display the occupants’ Facebook pages excerpt, news, photos, manufacturer’s logo or even offer a ride from point A to B to passer-by. how’s that for a completely sociable vehicle? on the sound department, Harman JBL lends it touch of audio mastery in the form of GreenEdge speakers in an unmistakably trademark Harman JBL’s avant-garde design.

the dash is a sight to behold. sculptured in a shape that resembles an elongated bread box which stretches across the width of the car. this breadbox-like dash opens up in a breadbox fashion, revealing the control elements and the futuristic VDO display. to the far right of the glove box, a HTC Flyer seats in its docking station, ensuring that the driver and the occupants stay connected always. to the left of the steering wheel, is where you find a host of retro-listic toggle switches for lightings, horn et cetera and perched on top it is the key-start in the form of a Swiss Army knife. you can’t get anymore Swiss than this, can you?

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Rinspeed Bamboo Beach - stays connected 544x358px
(above) best of both worlds – hit the beach while stay connected always

powering the beach-going Rinspeed Bamboo Concept is a 54 kW electric motor from German Fräger Group which enables the car to achieve a top speed of 120 km/h. however, speed isn’t the main focus here, this car is destined to go into those lifestyle-centric cool cars – go too fast and you’ll be depriving passer-by a glimpse of these fantastic example. it boost a modest 105 km range but that doesn’t matter when you just need it hit the beach, chill out and get connected at the same time. the concept sits on a specially designed 17-inch AEZ three-spoke billet aluminum wheels with painted inserts, wrapped in eco-friendly Goodyear “EfficientGrip” energy-saving tires.

this is one EV concept that we will put up our hands and legs up in the air in lobby to get it built. with the prospect of continuing urbanization, the more we are in need of a vehicle that draws us back to nature, in this case, the to the beach-side and keeps us connected while providing a sustainable transportation solution. the Rinspeed Bamboo Concept (we called it the Beach Edition) will make its debut in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and before that happens, feast your eyes with the awesome gallery below.

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