China’s influence over the video game market is a force to reckon with. Why we say that? Because, even game developers cannot resist cashing in on the upcoming Lunar New Year (AKA Chinese New Year) – a major event among Chinese, regardless of their creed or religion. Case in point: Overwatch Guan Yu Reinhardt Skin. Obvious marketing opportunities aside, we can’t deny that the OverwatchGuan Yu Reinhardt Skin is beautifully made and a fitting for Reinhardt.

Overwatch Guan Yu Reinhardt Skin

Reinhardt is a warrior, a tanky warrior for that matter, and so was Guan Yu, a general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China who was known for his martial art and courage. Guan Yu was from ancient time and so, there is no way if we know the physique matches those of Reinhardt, but based on the many artists imagination (who presumably imagined as so based on recorded history), it could be similar. Guan Yu is probably not so large physically, but the essence is there, I guess. Anywho, the skin basically changed Reinhardt’s race completely. It will make you go “that’s no German!”

Like I have said, the skin looks good and fitting for Reinhardt Wilhelm, and I love the details like the flowing beard and the Chinese character that spells “guan” on the robe. Pretty awesome. The Overwatch Guan Yu Reinhardt Skin is part of the game’s Lunar New Year celebration for the seasonal event which, according to official words, starts on January 24. Needless to say, the new cosmetic is not free. The Overwatch Guan Yu Reinhardt, along with other cosmetics, will be on sale starting tomorrow (January 24, 2019) through to February 18, 2019. Video after the break.

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Images: Overwatch (Twitter).


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