Skoda Vision Gran Turismo for Gran Turismo 7

Skoda isn’t exactly known for Le Mans-style supercars with crazy horsepower that go super fast. But like any automaker, Skoda is allowed to have a vision, and this vision has resulted in a super dope design concept called the Skoda Vision Gran Turismo, designed exclusively for the Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation racing simulation.

Skoda Vision Gran Turismo for Gran Turismo 7

Skoda proves that it’s never too late to join the game, joining the likes of Hyundai, Peugeot, Porsche, Alpine, and more in this ‘if money is no object concept design project’. The Skoda Vision Gran Turismo is an all-electric, single-seater with a design inspired by the legendary Skoda 1100 OHC Spider and Skoda’s new Modern Solid design language. And it looks fantastic!

This concept is powered by four synchronous brushless electric motors with permanent magnets, outputting 800 kW (equivalent to 1,071 hp), which is put to good use on all four wheels. This digital supercar packs a ton of torque too—1,020 Nm (752 lb-ft) of metal-twisting torque, to be precise, and claims to have an other-worldly maximum engine speed of 25,000 RPM.

A few other details include an 87 kWh li-ion battery, a centrally positioned minimalistic open-top digital cockpit, an adjustable body-hugging sports bucket seat with a six-point harness, a futuristic-looking carbon steering wheel with flattened top and bottom, onboard distance sensors for alerting the driver of other vehicles, and independent arms pushrod-type suspension front and back, similar to those used in Formula E.

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I know, right? You’d forget that we are talking about a digital race car. That goes to show how detailed and cutting-edge this driving simulation game is.

The Skoda Vision Gran Turismo is available with the new update (1.46) for Gran Turismo 7 which is available now.

Images: Škoda [UK].