is this cute or what? Nintendo Mario and Yoshi backpacks

Nintendo Plush Backpacks 544x544px
(credit: ThinkGeek) Nintendo Plush Backpack | US$19.99 |

apart from playing Mario Bros, we have many ways to express our love for Mario or Yoshi such as action figures, radio control go-karts or maybe a backpack, like this Nintendo Plush Backpack. they are cute, no doubt but as a man, i can’t been seen lugging this around but for the rest who think they can shoulder the cuteness, there is a choice of either Mario or Yoshi to suit individual taste. this officially licensed backpack is just 17-inch tall, again, emphasizing its cute factor and features a pocket that is tucked on its back, so in essence, it is pickpocket-resistant. well, kind of. or maybe just buy it for your kids. the Nintendo Plush Backpack retails for $19.99 via ThinkGeek.
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Nintendo Plush Backpacks 544x640px

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