Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros From The 80s Sold At $100K

Never in the world would I have imagined one day video games would become collectibles, much less appreciate in value, when I started gaming three decades ago, but here we are, reading about how a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros was sold for a stratospheric amount of $100,150. That right there is a six […]

In Japan, You Can Tour Cities In Mario Kart Style Complete In Mario Getup

There is nothing more Japanese then seeing Japanese cities while zipping around in Mario Kart. I mean, Mario is arguably one of the most recognizable pop culture icons of Japan. You know that when even the Tokyo Olympics committee also uses Mario as one of the mascots for the big game in 2020. While Nintendo […]

Google Puts Mario On Google Maps For A Week To Mark Mario Day

Google Maps is as useful as it is and therefore, I see no real purpose in sprucing it up with Easter egg, but that does not stop Google from trying to make using Maps fun and the latest ‘thing’ that will make using the Maps fun (at least fans of Super Mario Bros. will be, […]

Look! Mario And Gang Now Drives Sweet, Iconic Mercedes-Benz Cars In Mario Kart 8

we know it is a matter of time before Nintendo starts stepping up its game to play catch up with the other two big players, but we didn’t expect it to start with the console maker’s most iconic franchise, Mario Kart, and it is not doing it alone; the Japanese game console maker has collaborated […]