Colin Furze Turns Junior’s Skatescooter Into A Jet Powered Ride

There are micro scooter, AKA skatescooter, and then there is this “Jet Powered” micro scooter whipped up by plumber-turn-mad garage inventor Colin Furze. The Jet Powered Micro Scooter is sure to put a smile on the face of any kid who is brave enough to step onboard and it certainly put a smile on Furze’s […]

The Nimble Urban Is A Kick-powered, Foldable Scooter With Cargo Space

Skateboard, skatescooter (or kick scooter, as some calls it) and bicycle are transportations designed to get us to where we want to go quicker with less sweat. They are environmentally friendly and efficient so far, except that they lacks of the cargo area. For bicycle you can hook it with a basket or a trailer, […]

CycleBoard Scooter Lets You Surf On Land, Snowboard Without Snow

Motorized skatescooter is not the newest news, but what CycleBoard Standup Electric Scooter has to offer is much more. For starter, it gets the much dreaded putting a foot down for balancing when stopping out of the equation with its three-wheel setup. However, the highlight here is its pretty revolutionary steering system that comes actually […]

Mini Citysurfer Concept is not a Car, it is an Electric Skatescooter That Fits Into The Trunk of Your Mini

The Mini might be small, but that doesn’t mean it can reach everywhere you wish to go and thus, persistence existence of the last mile. Taking a stroll or in the case of an urban jungle, a hike, to your intended destination might not be a big deal, but to end up drenched in perspiration […]

You Won’t Believe This Waist Belt is Actually a Wearable Skatescooter

We try to avoid relating Hungarian applied art graduate Adam Torok’s Belt Scooter to sci-fi, but it’s kind of hard, because a waist belt that can be transformed into skatescooter sure sounds like something quiet sci-fi-ish. So, yes. You heard that right. The Belt Scooter is what it say it is: a skatescooter, albeit a […]

One Less Thing To Carry: A Carry-on or Backpack Skatescooter That Lets You Conquer the Last Mile

first of all, don’t turn away from this Olaf thinking it is the animated character from Disney’s animated movie Frozen. the Olaf here is a hybrid kickscooter aka skatescooter. you know? those that looks like skateboard but with handlebar up front? yeah. those. but in Olaf’s case, it is also a backpack or carry-on suitcase […]

Gig Pack Scooter Backpack by Gustavo Brenck

the micro scooter luggage is awesome, but lets face it: we are not going to zip around in a travel bag on daily basis (it’s odd, don’t you think?) and hence, it would be totally awesome if Brazil-based designer Gustavo Brenck’s Gig Pack Scooter Backpack could be a reality. obviously, unlike the said luggage, the Gig Pack is designed