Sbyke is a mash-up of a bike, a scooter and a skateboard

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(credit: Sbyke via Gizmag) Sbyke Scooter | US$249.00 |

what do you get when you mash up a bicycle, a skatescooter and a skateboard? the answer is Sbyke (pronounced as ‘spike’ and not be confused with ‘Skype’), a bicycle, skateboard and skatescooter hybrid. at the first glance, it looks like a skatescooter but with an oversized deck and a huge front wheel. the Sbyke bears the mark of a bicycle front end complete with handle bar and caliper hand brake, while sporting a wide skateboard-like deck with fiction grip surface but the overall look is unmistakably of a skatescooter.
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constructed from aircraft-grade materials for durability or perhaps, to withstand the abuse from adrenalin seeking skaters, it has an aluminum frame with interchangeable stem lengths to suit different sized riders. upfront is a lightweight 20-inch alloy wheel fitted with high pressure racing tire while the deck is of 10-ply maple deck that is wide enough for side-by-side foot placement. the Sbyke also has increase stability and can stand on its on, thanks to a pair of 85mm/80A Durometer rear wheels with radial tread. the rear wheel features an adjustable spring rate for riders to fine tune the ride to suit different ride style.

unlike the microscooter, the Sbyke front wheel is not steerable and turning is achieved via shifting of the weight at the rear with the help from Sbyke’s patented rear-steering system. the Sbyke made its debut at the Toy Fair in New York earlier this year.

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as history has shown us that no matter what kind of skates you can come with, extreme sport fans will ensure that there are stuns and tricks designed for them. i guess, the Sbyke will not be an exception. it is just a matter of time before you see adrenalin junkies carving the skateparks with Sbyke all day long. the Sbyke is expected to be available in August with a retail price of $249.

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