The Adventures of Tintin posters and trailer [photos & video]

The Adventures of Tintin The Movie 544x308px
(credit: Paramount/Columbia)

Hollywood’s ‘lethal’ combination: director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson has made The Adventures of Tintin one to watch out for. i am not a huge fan of Tintin because my childhood were mainly dominated by Transformer, Heman, Centurion et cetera. my encounters with Tintin was only limited to the small collection of Tintin comics that the school library had back in those days. in terms of comics, nothing capture my heart more than Garfield. short and sweet with little to read. well, that’s just me. before the real deal shows up in your local cinema, here’s a couple of posters and a trailer to feast your curiosity. if any. i must say the graphics are eerily life like that at one point, i thought it was a live action movie. check it out:
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The Adventures of Tintin The Movie Poster (Domestic) 544x806px
this is the domestic version of the movie poster
The Adventures of Tintin The Movie Poster (International) 544x806px
and the International version of the poster


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