concept cars. they are mostly like fairy tales: you hear and read about them but you can never see them on the streets. even if they made it into production, they are sometime pretty elusive as limited quantities were made. however, once in a while, opportunity does presents itself for you to grab one of these rare beauty such as this 2005 MCC Smart Crossblade you see here. the Crossblade first made its global premier as a concept car at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show and is an open concept vehicle that was based on the mantra of “less is more” (hence, the lack of roof, doors and windshield). powered by a Brabus-tweaked 70-hp three cylinder motor with a petite displace of just 499cc, this 8.5-ft long vehicle is an airy zip-around vehicle for today’s urban lifestyle, where jam-pack traffic and insanely small parking spaces challenges our daily driving routine. though first made it the market back in 2005, this vehicle still looks very much a today’s vehicle (and even tomorrow’s) – exemplifying the true meaning of future-proof design – and a perfect example of a crossover even before crossovers became a staple category in the auto industry. features include a gloss black body with matte grey tridion safety cell, contrasting red upholstery, low mileage of just 555 miles and since it is an open concept vehicle, it has built-in drain channels around the vehicle to get rid of any rain water in the event of a rain. if you missed the sale back in 2005, the opportunity has arrived again for you lay your hands on the 2005 MCC Smart Crossblade (Lot 250) at the upcoming auction at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, happening at 2950 Eatonton Road, Madison, Georgia, on the February 15, 2013. though it is not going to be cheap: the car is expected to fetch between $20,000-$30,000 when it hits the auction block. scroll down for a few more look.

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