Smart Forcops: NYPD Police Officers Patrol In Smart Fortwos

Smart is a cute car and so, never would we imagine it could be sight on the streets of NY… driven by police officers. Anyways, it has happened, I mean the Smart Fortwo as police patrol cars and despite having the requisite police decals on the white paint job and blue revolving roof lamp, the […]

Man Turns 1st Generation Smart ForTwo Into A Capable Off-Road Coupe

So you think Smart Fortwo is for wuss? Well, it might be true as it is a city car after all, but when Ukrainian Gerogiy Kosilov sat in one, he thought otherwise. A train of thoughts went through Gerogiy, otherwise known as Mr. George, and the light bulb flicks on. To George that particular ForTwo’s […]

Smart announced BRABUS Tailor Made Price Listed for Fortwo

Ever since the announcement of the new-generation Smart Fortwo, we have been looking forward the BRABUS treatment for the longest time. Well, if you are a fan, there’s good news: Smart Fortwo BRABUS is finally official with prices peg to the various customization offered. Announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Smart Fortwo BRABUS Tailor Made […]

This is Smart Forgigs, a Mobile Audio Concept Packing 5,720 Watts of JBL Sound and 150 dB of Sound Pressure

Smart Fortwo is a tiny car and if you’re wondering besides fitting two non-giants inside, what else could it take, then the answer would be probably a duffel bag, or maybe plus a messenger bag. But if you prefer, you can stuff it with truck load of speakers, just like what JBL did with this […]

Smart’s Big City Car Is A Five-Door Compact Hatch With Rear-mounted Engine

for a while, Smart had teased the public with its big city car concept and today, the automaker has finally unveiled not one, but two new models to its lineup, namely the third-generation ForTwo and a second-generation ForFour. both models features Smart’s signature triton cell construction, conveniently highlighted by a two-tone paint job. while the […]

Auction: 2005 MCC Smart Crossblade

concept cars. they are mostly like fairy tales: you hear and read about them but you can never see them on the streets. even if they made it into production, they are sometime pretty elusive as limited quantities were made. however, once in a while, opportunity does presents itself for you to grab one of these rare beauty such as this 2005 MCC

smart fortwo Edition Cityflame

do we really need another special edition smart fortwo with the same engine lineup? maybe not but then when you take a look at smart fortwo Edition Cityflame’s striking pearlescent flame yellow body panels set against the black tridion safety cell, we couldn’t help but to call it super cool. as you would have expected, what goes under the hood remain unchanged: you…

smart forjeremy Electric Car

a collaboration between an auto maker and a star designer usually result in a car with nothing but materials and color schemes as chosen by the designer but that’s not the case with the smart forjeremy Electric Car. with the forjeremy, smart scores as the first automotive marque to actually allow its collaborating designer, in this case, Jeremy Scott, to make changes to the…

smart forstars

German automobile maker smart is usually viewed as a cute car maker – thanks in part to its popular ultra compact urban car, fortwo but it might just break that stereotype with the smart forstars, a bold concept that is anything but cute. in fact, it extrude a sense of manliness with its SUV-like ruggedness, presented in a futuristically designed package and…

smart BRABUS 10th Anniversary

love the cuteness of the smart fortwo but don’t want to look too ‘sissy’? well, then look no further than the newest souped up car from the smart and BRABUS collaboration: the smart BRABUS 10th Anniversary. based on the on the current smart fortwo BRABUS production model, the 10th Anniversary model is fitted with a 102 horsepower…