Smart Fortwo is a tiny car and if you’re wondering besides fitting two non-giants inside, what else could it take, then the answer would be probably a duffel bag, or maybe plus a messenger bag. But if you prefer, you can stuff it with truck load of speakers, just like what JBL did with this collaborative concept car which the audio company calls Forgigs. No prize for guessing why the name ‘Forgigs’ because it is obvious this car, which has some 5,720 watts of sonic bliss packed into it, is a concert hall on wheels. But why a Fortwo? According to Daimler, the owner of Smart, both themselves and JBL are keen to “find out what kind of a sound experience is possible when the city coupe is equipped with the finest and most powerful audio components” and this proof of concept can also serve as a mobile amplifier for live concerts by aspiring street musicians.

Smart Forgigs Concept Car by JBL

Altogether, there are five JBL GTO amplifiers that power 16 loudspeakers (tweeters and mids, included), two massive 12-inch subwoofers, and a Bluetooth-enabled 8-channel Mosconi DSP. This mobile audio madness is connected together with 100 meters (330 feet) of wiring, while 10 square meters (108 square feet) worth of alubutyl insulation material is used to preserve the fidelity. All told, this tiny gig-on-wheels puts out an insane sound pressure of up to 150 dB. And if you are wondering what 150 dB sounds like, well, lets just say that it has no problem in busting your hearing for good. Finally, rounding up the mobile audio enthusiast dream setup is the DJ obligatory ambient lighting, both inside and outside, complete with controllers to change colors as desire.

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Pretty crazy stuff Daimler and JBL have there and we have no doubt that some Smart Fortwo owners are already inspired to do the same, well, that’s if they are prepared sacrifice what little cargo space the car has.

Smart Forgigs Concept Car by JBL

Smart Forgigs Concept Car by JBL

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