stop duping your kids with those stationary kiddie rides. all they do is shake along with music and be done with it in an unrealistic fashion but with the “Western Trails” Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride, things for your kid is going to get a little bit more yee-har! literally. developed by Southland Engineering Company this kiddie ride is a massive piece and involves getting the ‘horse’ to not only rocks back and forth but also rides up and down the track to the music (we are not sure what kind of music though – probably some traditional western tunes, we supposed). your kid will have control over this pony by reining the stirrups to slow down or stop the it, while a platform serves as the mount for a parent or guardian to watch over the young one as they learn the ropes to become a true-blooded cowkid. cowkid costume is entirely optional but why stop here when you are already going to splurge some $20,000-$30,000 on it? the “Western Trails” Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride will be going under the hammer at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, happening on the February 14-15, 2013 at 2950 Eatonton Road, Madison, Georgia. if you are a huge cowboy-era fan, you really shouldn’t miss this. another look after the break (do click on the images for larger views).

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"Western Trails" Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride

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