if you are in the market for lifestyle accessories with a fresh take, then you might want to check out boX Lifestyle Accessories. founded by Pierre Albert Winter, New York City-based boX is an artistic lifestyle accessories maker who aims to win over the world with their vegan and environmental friendly products. basically, what they are offering is what you will find in the market, but in designs based on the brand’s ethos of minimalistic and discreet – creating products such as iPad bag, keystud (as opposed to keyring or keychain), credit card/cash band, wine bottle sleeve, pill vial and more, that is both beautiful to admire and functional. as mentioned, you could easily similar products that do the same thing, but if minimalism and style are what you live by, then boX is one of the go-to accessory line.

a couple of highlights of the brand include the saddlebag which is an Italian rubber bag with faux fur interior lining, suitable for iPad, and the keystud that takes keychain minimalism to a whole new level. the latter, as the name suggests, is a stud that holds up to three keys, or up to five if an extender is used and is crafted from stainless steel or sterling silver. boX has taken to the other crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO, seeking your help to launch their line of lifestyle accessories. the good thing is, the brand has taken the flexible funding approach, which means you can be sure that your pledge for whatever item you fancy will be fulfilled even if the project does not reach its funding goal. the boX Lifestyle Accessories are not overly expensive too; prices for the line up starts from just $15. check out boX’s INDIE GOGO page for more reward levels.

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