a wallet is a wallet – whether it is a regular fat one or an awesome minimalist one, it is still a wallet. we have seen many of them passing through mikeshouts over the last two years, but hardly anything that can call themselves eco-conscious. the NOSO Slim Wallet is here to change that. yes, it is the minimalist wallet you have imagined or seen, but setting itself apart from the growing number of minimal wallets is its material: it is made from upcycled bicycle tire inner tubes. the benefits of the inner tube material are immediately obvious; first, you help to reduce those discarded rubbers from heading to the landfills; and two, rubber by nature is stretchy, which thus allows it to swallow up to 20 credits plus come cash – more than most minimal list wallets offered in market today.

we understand that the market is not lacking in options, but if you have more cards than what the current offerings can contain, then the NOSO Slim Wallet might be worthy of your consideration. available only in black (obviously. cos’ it’s rubber tubing) but comes in a choice of color stitching, including standard black, red, blue, Kickstarter green, yellow and white, these minimalist wallets are 100 percent handmade in the USA. most importantly, it is totally affordable. the team is going the crowdfunding route to get this project off the ground; so by making a pledge of $16 or more, you are helping the NOSO Slim Wallet inches closer to reality. check out a neat pledge video below to learn more.

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