in what seems like an infinite phase of development and testing, James Bond-wannabes finally will have a glint of hope of seeing the Martin Jetpack taking to the sky next year. the latest prototype P12, seen here clad in a new striking paint job, features various tweaks including changing the position of the ducts for enhanced performance and maneuverability. despite its namesake, the Jetpack does not use aviation fuel and is instead powered by a 200 hp petrol engine and as you can see, it is not as tiny as a backpack like it was fantasied in the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball – you know, for practicality sake cos’ it has to do more than just 20 seconds in the air and go a whole lot farther and higher. speaking of which, the Martin Jetpack has a fuel capacity of 45 liters which gives it about 30 kilometers range and the aircraft is capable of an altitude of 8,000 feet and fly up to a speed of 60 mph.

the Martin Jetpack is expected to sell for around $150,000 when it hits the market in July 2014. pricey it is, but at least you know it is one step closer to your dream of flying to work – that’s if your boss doesn’t mind having you turning up for work in fireproof flight suit, boots and helmets and that’s also assuming you already have a space to land and park. because this new paint work is looking so rad that we ought to present you with a few more studio shots, courtesy of Martin Aircraft Company, which you can find in the gallery below and while you there, also check out a remote controlled flight of the prototype P12 in the embedded video further down.

Source: Martin Aircraft Company
via TVNZ

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