Mikhail Smolyanov’s ARX-4 Steampunk motorcycle

ARX-4 Steampunk concept motorcycle 544x368px
i can’t help but to feel that there might be a steampunk revolution going on. almost any conceivable items in our lives are given the steampunk treatment – everything ranging from computers to mobile phones to the creepy crawlies, have been touched by steampunk midas around the world and now, we witness yet another gorgeous steampunk concept and its name is the ARX-4 Steampunk motorcycle. created by one Mikhail Smolyanov, who took inspiration from airplane engine equipped race cars of the 20s era for his ARX-4 concept. in this concept, a V8 engine powers the wheels that move via drive shaft instead of traditional chain link or belt drive. though, a concept but it is still quite a sight to behold. Mikhail’s concept is a modern iteration of what a steampunk would be in today’s context, else it would have been driven by steam engine which would equate to sitting on a time bomb – literally. check out a few more images of this awesome concept steampunk motorcycle after the break.
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