though branded under Subaru performance arm, Subaru Technica International (STI), the newly announced Subaru BRZ tS Coupe is hardly the STI you might have expected. simply put, it is like the Beemer 3 Series M Sport to the M3, which means expectation of any boost in the power department is virtually zero, instead look forward to the aerodynamic and handling improvements that STI is also known for, as well as a different level of equipment. honestly, 200 ponies from a performance brand such as STI really leaves much to be desired and therefore, if you are planning to snag one of these, then it would probably means more visits to your local mod shops. i guess Subaru is more keen in proposing the ideology of correlation between man and machine over power, in which the tS version is said to evoke “oneness with vehicle”, along with “agile handling pleasure.” the latter would be more like “pressure” if you find yourself lagging behind a drag.

anyway, that’s just our honest and somewhat random rant. however, if you have already achieved the Nirvana in motoring where handling is all that matters, then we suppose the “goodies” that come with the Subaru BRZ tS should be suffice to convince you to put down 3,664,500.00 Yen (about US$38,000) for one such example. on the exterior and handling aspects, expect features like STI larger diameter driveshaft, Brembo ventilated disc brakes (4-pot front and 2-pot rear), STI 18-inch aluminum wheels with 225/40ZR18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, STI designed and tuned suspension, exclusively-tuned Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), various STI aero parts, plus the mandatory STI branding at the front and rear. on the inside, the STI branding continues throughout (on the seats, steering wheel and all – in short, more rampant), plus features like exclusive front seats in Alcantara and leather, exclusive leather wrapped steering wheel, STI designed leather shift knob, exclusive speedometer with visor in stitched Alcantara, carbon-tone instrument cluster, STI logo adorned push start button (in red, naturally), and aluminum side sill plates with “tS” logo. the “tS” logo can also found at the rear of the vehicle.

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additionally, a GT package is also available for those who find the tS version isn’t enough (for whatever reason). the GT package, which starts from 4,294,500 Yen (around US$44,000), will see your would-be Subaru BRZ tS receiving STI 18-inch aluminum wheels in black (as oppose to ‘stock’ silver on the tS), STI dry carbon rear spoiler with two angle of adjustments, and a set Alcantara and leather Recaro seats up front. whether it is worth the premium without a power bump, is really up to individual. i hate to compare it with the likes of Toyota, Scion, Hyundai or some other makes where the word “sport” is often misused, but at least this ride does sport beefed up handling that might appeal to those who aren’t in need of power. we can always deal with the power later, don’t we? only 500 units will be made, including 250 units of the GT Package.

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