Subaru Finally Has An Electric Vehicle And It Is A SUV Called Solterra

Of all the major automakers, only a handful have not gotten into the electric hype train. Subaru is one of them. But that changes last month when the Japanese automaker pull the wrap off its very first all-electric vehicle, an SUV called Subaru Solterra.

Nice Cars That Won’t Break The Bank

There are nice cars out there that won’t break the bank. Some people think nice cars are only for those who can afford them, but this is not true. There are many nice cars on the market that cost under $30,000 and they will still give you a nice ride!

2022 Subaru BRZ Sports Coupe Revealed, Has Higher Capacity, More Power And Torque

Lets take our eyes off the 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO Supercar which most of us can’t afford and take a look at car that’s more practical with respect to affordability. Not that the all-new 2022 Subaru BRZ is super cheap. While we don’t know the price yet, it is definitely way, way lesser than the …

Subaru Gymkhana STI Is Loaded With Canards, Spits Flames Out Of The Hood

The mention of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana series, the name Ken Block pops up. Well, not anymore. Subaru Motorsports USA driver Travis Pastrana is taking over the wheel along with this: the Subaru Gymkhana STI, a custom-built Subaru WRX STI based on a production sedan.

We’ll Leave It You To Figure Out What Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special’s Acronym Is

Uncovered at the recent Singapore Motor Show was this beauty from Subaru that not only begs for attention with its looks but also with the name or acronym, to be precise. Called Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition which acronym, coincidentally or not, happens to be FUCKS.

Finnish Dude Rides Over Frozen Lake In A Subaru With Saw Blade Wheels

Talk about reinventing the wheel… a Finnish couple kind of just did that, well, years after Adam and Jamie tried rolling on square wheels. But the Finnish couple behind the YouTube channel Beyond the Press, a channel that does wacky experiments, did not try to roll on square wheels. Instead, they swapped out the stock …

Here’s The 341HP Subaru STI S209 That Will Be Selling In The U.S. In 2019

Japanese imports lovers residing in stateside, rejoice. Yet another Japanese performance ride is hitting up U.S. This time, it is the STI S-line. Yes, it is a Scooby. It may not look like much, but the Subaru STI S209 has some pretty raw power – all 341 horsepower of it squeezed from its EJ25 flat-four …

Subaru Goes Big With New VIZIV-7 SUV Concept For North America Markets

Subaru may not make a huge ding in the auto industry, but that does not mean the automaker isn’t trying to make an impact in the automobile market. While its performance cars today did not shine as brightly as the GC-era Rexes, it is making headway in other more ‘practical’ aspects, such as addressing real …