the micro scooter luggage is awesome, but lets face it: we are not going to zip around in a travel bag on daily basis (it’s odd, don’t you think?) and hence, it would be totally awesome if Brazil-based designer Gustavo Brenck’s Gig Pack Scooter Backpack could be a reality. obviously, unlike the said luggage, the Gig Pack is designed for daily use and is certainly one that could take up a grown man’s heft of up to 90 kilograms (198 lbs). so, do not let yourself confused with the Glyde Gear FLY which is essentially kid’s stuff and has three puny wheels. this nice looking backpack is of nylon construction and features an integrated aluminum contraption that unfolds into a micro scooter (or skatescooter, if you will) with two large rubber wheels. the rear portion of the Gig Pack folds into the backpack without intruding into the bag’s original intended internal volume.

transforming the bag into a micro scooter is pretty straightforward: unzip the back of the backpack, folds down the board and engage the front and back wheels, and you are good to go. of course, due care has to be taken to secure all the bag’s straps to prevent them from getting caught in action which may lead to the obvious and unnecessary tripping over or whatnot. from what we read, the Gig Pack is still very much a prototype for now and according to Brenck’s Coroflot page, the Gig Pack Scooter Backpack still needs a producer to make it a reality. that said, there’s no information with regards to the possible production of the Gig Pack at this stage and therefore, no indicative pricing to talk about. that leaves us with nothing more than some awesome images to drool over, which you can find in the gallery below.

Coroflot via The Adrenalist via Oh Gizmo!

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