Considering the growing number of countries are banning e-scooter, the future of this form of personal mobility is questionable. It can’t go on the roads and a ban on footpath means limiting its use and thus limits the demand. As such, we are not sure if going “luxury” with an e-scooter is the best of ideas.

However, ‘luxury’ is exactly what British company D-Fly is proposing with its e-scooter called ‘Dragonfly‘. I have no idea why it is called Dragonfly when it does not fly. But that’s not point. The point is, Dragonfly ain’t no ordinary e-scooter; it is, in the words of the company, “the world’s first HyperscooterTM.” And yes, it looks like D-Fly has trademarked Hyperscooter as well.

D-Fly Dragonfly Hyperscooter E-Scooter

“Hyper” has indeed arrived to e-scooter and like hypercar in the automotive world, D-Fly Dragonfly Hyperscooter is rocking premium materials, including carbon fiber, 7065 series aerospace-grade aluminum, and paulownia wood.

Also like hypercar, is has some pretty serious speed too. Its dual motors enable a top speed of 38 miles an hour (61 km/h) and it is outfitted with a swappable battery system that affords up to 28 miles (45 kilometers) of range per charge.

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Apparently, it has “traction control to give each wheel 1,800 watts,” along with “generous amount of torque,” according to The Verge. But really, the latter is expected of an electric vehicle anyways.

‘Generous’ not only applies to the torque; the in-built digital dash is pretty darn generously sized too, coming in at 4.5-inch and in 4K resolution to boot. Oh wait. There’s more.

D-Fly Dragonfly Hyperscooter E-Scooter

It also touts “Full-Tilt Technology” for 3-dimensional steering, 4-wheel Ackerman steering geometry, race car-inspired KERs regenerative braking system, 1.9 gallons (7.3L) of lockable storage space (yep), full suite of lighting including turn signals, electric horn, foam-filled tires, and it has all-round independent suspension, plus double wishbone technology and fully damped springs.

All these goodies are loaded in a futuristic form, weighing as little as 32 lbs (14.6 kilograms). Not surprisingly, such luxury is associated with hyper price too.

As per the website, the 3-wheel configuration costs under $4,999 while the 4-wheel variety sells for “less than $5,999.” Mind.Absolutely.Blown.

It is worthy to note that D-Fly Dragonfly Hyperscooter will only be available sometime in the mid of 2020. If you down, you can put down $100 to reserve a unit for the first production run that will have just 500 units.

Images: D-Fly.

Source: The Verge.

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