apart from voyeurism, we can’t think of any reasons why one would need to record everything discreetly. nevertheless, if you are in market for a video camera glasses, then you should really check out the Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses. it is definitely one of the better looking video camera glasses out there and the deal sweetener here are probably its full HD video recording capability and a sleek aesthetic. at glance, the Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses looks like just any glasses, but upon closer inspection, one might have noticed its thicker-than-usual temples which is necessary to accommodate a super tiny video camera and microSD card slot. a cleverly designed hinge system allows you access to the said microSD card slot and a power button, located at the inside of the left temple, activates the recording function.

the camera though small, is totally capable of full HD 1,920 x 1,080 video recording at between 20-30 fps. also packed into its petite temple is a rechargeable 160mA lithium polymer battery which offers up about 30 minutes of recording time and takes around 3 hours to full charged. charging is, of course, via the the in-built mini USB port. all told, the device weighs in at a pretty meaty 60 grams (2.1 oz) – a figure that is more than double the weight of a typical pair of spectacles. then again, we suppose weight would be a non-issue if, well, voyeurism is what you are after. as far as we can tell, the Sanko Mita Mamma Video Camera Glasses looks (no pun intended) to be a Japan-only product and has a going price of 8,980 Yen (roughly $92 in greenbacks). or you could wait for it turn up at GeekStuff4U.

Thanko [JP] via Damn Geeky

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