Air Gesture Mouse (Glove)

Air Gesture Mouse (Glove)
Air Gesture Mouse (Glove) | ¥4,980.00 |

is the Minority Report air gesture operated control still lingering in your head? and are you dreaming that you will be experiencing that sort control within your lifetime? well, you are in luck cos’ it is dream no more. for 4,980 Japanese money (about US$62), you could be doing that – with your existing TV. yeap, that’s right, there won’t be a pre-crime department just yet. dubbed as the “Android SmartTV Box” (we prefer to call it Air Gesture Mouse [Glove] which is what we will call it anyway), this glove and sort-of-set-top-box combo, will let loose the John Anderton in you. though we have yet to commercially realize a transparent display, like those Anderton has in his pre-crime ops center, still the Air Gesture Mouse (Glove) Air Gesture Mouse (Glove) should be suffice for now. once it is hooked up to your TV or computer, it will work just like a desktop mouse, complete with left and right click. communication between the device with your TV or computer is via a USB dongle that offers a 2.4GHz wireless connection between the two devices. the 35 grams (1.2 ounce) glove has a range of up to 15 meters (50 feet) and has a built-in battery that’s good for up to 12 hours of hand exercise, erhmm we mean gesture control. apparently, despite it being officially called as Android SmartTV Box, it will work with Windows, Mac and of course, Android platforms. check out a demo video after the break to see it in action.

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Thanko [JP] via Akihabara News

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