Converge Docking Station

Converge Docking Station
(photos: Quirky) Converge Docking Station | US$39.99 |

in this digital age, we are faced with too many gadgets to be charged at the same time issue. this result in our gadgets being strewed across our desk indiscriminately, which is not a pretty sight. this is what Converge Docking Station aims to solve: consolidate what needs to be charged to a sleek piece of docking station that is suitable for any bottom- or side-connected devices, such as your iPods, smartphones, and cameras. plus, you get to show off your gadgets in a neat way. something like what you would see in shopping mall’s display counter. features of the Converge Docking Station include “stash” cable management system that makes stowing of wires a neat business and four USB ports nestled in an ergonomic curved station. the Converge is powered by an external source. the Converge Docking Station is a project on Quirky and is available for purchase for just $39.99 a pop. check out a few more look after the break.

Quirky via The Bellingham Herald

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