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Refuel Keeps Your Propane Tank Level In Check

if you use propane for your grill, chances are the Refuel will be your best friend. unlike its charcoal counterpart, you will not know when the fuel is running low, unless you pick up the tank for a feel of it, but then again, that also depends on your experience and you might not get it right. that method is not even close to guesstimate, if you ask me. anyway, originally, the Refuel is a smartphone and app combo that will let you keep the propane tank level in check so you won’t be caught with an empty tank in the midst of your grilling session. your regular propane tank sits on a weight-sensing base which constantly monitor the weight to gauge the level of propane in the tank. this data is wirelessly sent to an app on your smartphone thereby keeping you in the know of the content status. Continue reading Refuel Keeps Your Propane Tank Level In Check

Pivot Power Genius WiFi Power Strip

home automation. who doesn’t want it? but not everybody have the need to control everything. there are times, you just want to turn on or off a light, or fire up the standalone heater before you get home and that’s it. no frill, no complication, just simple flipping the switch from elsewhere. lucky for us, we don’t need to go through the whole nine yards to setup a full-fledge home automation system for such simple applications because there is the Pivot Power Genius WiFi Power Strip. yes. it is the quirky pivoting power strip you know and yes, it is Wi-Fi-ed, albeit only two of the four outlets have such wireless feature built into it. anyway, at $79.99 a pop, it is a tad cheaper than to purchase two separate WeMo Switch, but then again, the choice is yours. but do remember this thing is a power strip, a pivoting one and it does have other benefits over a single unit. Continue reading Pivot Power Genius WiFi Power Strip

Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock

these days, we are at the verge of information overload. there are simply too many things to know and need to know, and those information usually comes in the form of apps. the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock aims to soft that woes, but letting you get a hold of those information, information such as traffic condition, weather, stocks, number of email piling up, calendar, and even your calorie intake, all at a glance – like the dashboard of your car. and you know what? this might just be a winning formulation for information consumption. there is a reason why automobile’s dashboard has changed much over the many decades, because it is as effective as it is. with the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock you get four dials that can be preset to track what’s matter to you and each dial has both a digital display and a fun, analog as an indication of where you stand in that particular data of concern. Continue reading Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock

Web iPad mini Case

this is not exactly the Spider-man kind of web, but if you are looking for a case to hold more than just your iPad mini without appearing too IBM executive-like (you know, folio and stuff), then the Web iPad mini Case may just be a good fit. it may not be immediately apparent, but the back of the case is actually of woven elastic web that could be use for storage of loose items such as business cards, invites and the likes, while the iPad mini gets protection via a snap-on plastic bumper frame. though we have to quantify that this may not be the perfect solution for holding pens like what the creator proposed it could do, due to the obvious risk of scratching. additionally, the web serves as a form of handgrip that could prevent accidental slippage of your precious one while reading. Continue reading Web iPad mini Case

Quirky Sliders

Quirky Sliders
Quirky Sliders | US$24.99 | www.quirky.com

it is the time of the year again, a time where you take your cooking to your backyard and have a blast with the people you care about. however, most of the time, we do so with quite an amount of risk, especially when BBQ-ing. you know, the burn from the heat and the stabs from the skewers et cetera. you may be one of the few that escapes the stabs and pokes unleashed by your skewers but one thing you will still nod in agreement is the process of dislodging the delicious meat from a skewer is no easy feat. Continue reading Quirky Sliders

The Milkmaid

The MilkmaidThe Milkmaid | USD$tba | quirky.com

how many times have you found yourself spitting out spoilt milk in disgust? or worst, find your fridge emptied of your favorite nutritious beverage? yeah. it sucks to be in those situations. however, if The Milkmaid you see here becomes a reality, then your milk-drinking related woes will be the things of the past. The Milkmaid comprises of two parts: the quart size milk jug and a smart base that stays in your fridge. the brain behind the whole system that ensures you will have enough supply of fresh and unspoiled milk is at the smart base (think of it as a milk jug dock), where the sleek milk jug sits in. Continue reading The Milkmaid

Space Bar – computer shelf with USB hub

Space Bar
(photos: Quirky) Space Bar | US$79.90 | www.quirky.com

what’s the biggest problem with today’s desk? small real estate with too many USB-powered gadgets to hook up and that prompt us to opt all-in-one computer like the iMac in hope to reduce our clutter. however, think we could do better if we have the Space Bar. so what’s exactly is a Space Bar? no. it is not the spacebar you find on your keyboard but it is an elegant, low shelf crafted from aluminum in brush finish designed for your AIO computer. the benefit from raising your AIO a little up gives you more space to stow away your keyboard and mouse when not in use, thus giving you more usable desk space when needed and it also gives you a clutter free environment. Continue reading Space Bar – computer shelf with USB hub

Converge Docking Station

Converge Docking Station
(photos: Quirky) Converge Docking Station | US$39.99 | www.quirky.com

in this digital age, we are faced with too many gadgets to be charged at the same time issue. this result in our gadgets being strewed across our desk indiscriminately, which is not a pretty sight. this is what Converge Docking Station aims to solve: consolidate what needs to be charged to a sleek piece of docking station that is suitable for any bottom- or side-connected devices, such as your iPods, smartphones, and cameras. plus, you get to show off your gadgets in a neat way. something like what you would see in shopping mall’s display counter. features of the Converge Docking Station include “stash” cable management system that makes stowing of wires a neat business and four USB ports nestled in an ergonomic curved station. Continue reading Converge Docking Station

Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag

Quirky Trek Support Backpack 900x515px
(photos: Quirky) Quirky Trek Support | US$130.00(pre-sale) | www.quirky.com

gadget-toting road warriors have always face the same problems: power hungry gadgets and managing these gadgets in the bag. i mean, its easy to put all the gadgets in one bag but accessing them with ease is usually a big issue, especially when you are checking into a flight. here’s where the Trek Support backpack comes in. the Trek Support comprises of three parts: the backpack itself, the gadget dock and the laptop sleeve. the latter two are easily removable from the backpack as and when you need to. the gadget dock here deserves a worthy mention. it is a battery-powered USB gadget dock that not only organizes your gadgets with its individual mesh pockets of various sizes (a total of four pockets, to be exact) but it has an integrated battery that allows for charging of up to three USB powered devices simultaneously. Continue reading Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag

Quirky Ray juice up your gadgets with solar power

Quirky Ray 900x500px
(photos: Quirky) Quirky Ray | US$39.99(pre-sale) | www.quirky.com

while on your road-warrior lifestyle, you probably find it hard locate a decent wall outlet to charge up your mobile gadgets. to this end, the market presents a myriad of choices for portable battery chargers but those contraptions needed to be charged too. that’s where Quirky Ray makes its appearance. it is a solar powered charger for charging your electronic gadgets on-the-go. sure, solar chargers aren’t new but what makes Ray stand out is its versatility in placement: a suction cup exist, allowing it to stick to the windows or windscreen to get the much needed solar energy, or you can deploy the kickstand for placement on flat surfaces. all in an effort to get the optimum sun ray. Continue reading Quirky Ray juice up your gadgets with solar power