Space Bar – computer shelf with USB hub

Space Bar
(photos: Quirky) Space Bar | US$79.90 |

what’s the biggest problem with today’s desk? small real estate with too many USB-powered gadgets to hook up and that prompt us to opt all-in-one computer like the iMac in hope to reduce our clutter. however, think we could do better if we have the Space Bar. so what’s exactly is a Space Bar? no. it is not the spacebar you find on your keyboard but it is an elegant, low shelf crafted from aluminum in brush finish designed for your AIO computer. the benefit from raising your AIO a little up gives you more space to stow away your keyboard and mouse when not in use, thus giving you more usable desk space when needed and it also gives you a clutter free environment. and that’s not all. the Space Bar features a bonus six USB ports, of which four are located conveniently up front and two at the back of the shelf. there’s even a mini USB port and a AC adapter, catering to your modern gadgets charging needs. simple idea that makes life a whole lot neater. also another Quirky project, the Space Bar retails for $79.99 each but sadly, it is currently listed as “Currently Not Available”. we certainly hope it will be available again soon. don’t flame us for featuring something that’s not available cos’ we simply couldn’t resist the good concept and sleek look that will definitely make any Mac feels at home.

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