SNAP Skateboard – it’s foldable!

SNAP Skateboard
(photos: SNAP Skateboard) SNAP Skateboard | US$119.00 |

getting around on skateboard is fun and to certain extend, doing your legs a wee bit of favor but honestly, when you are done with it, you would probably find it a chore to be lugging it around. however, toting around the cumbersome board would be a thing of the past if you have the SNAP Skateboard. crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, the SNAP Skateboard consists of three foldable sections that enable it to transform from a 32-inch board into a 14-inch item, facilitating easy stowing in your regular backpack. the three sections snap together and are held in place by high strength steel pins. despite being foldable, the board is totally capable of cruising and doing tricks. the board uses standard skateboard urethane wheels and trucks, so you can easily replace them with the wheels and trucks of your choice – if you find the future aluminum look too bland for your liking. the SNAP Skateboard is now on sale with a bargain price tag of just $119 plus free shipping within continental U.S.A. a few more look follows after the break.

SNAP Skateboard via Digital Trends

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