We have seen many companies trying to luxe up everyday stuff, but there are a few that is as diverse as Los Angeles-based Brikk. While its portfolio may not be huge, Brikk is among the few who goes beyond luxing up smartphones; it also dabbles in camera, and now it wants to have your canine friend covered as well. Meet Lux Buddy Belt Dog Harness, a collaborative product between Brikk and Toronto-based maker of dog accessories, Buddy Belts. As the product name implies, this is not your run-of-the-mill dog harness; it is probably the most luxurious version your money can buy for your beloved fido. Crafted from premium black stingray leather, it boasts an ultra soft lamb skin under layer and comes fitted with 24K yellow gold-plated hardware embellished with over one carat of color de clarity VVS natural, conflict-free diamonds.

Brikk Lux Buddy Belt Dog Harness

You can also find Brikk signature seven sided heptagon stud with diamond tip to further spruce things up. So there you have it. The ultimate in opulence any dog-loving richie rich can ever give to his or her dog and best of all, luxury is not the only thing your dog will be treated to; it is based on the proven step-in dog harness that will protect your canine friend’s sensitive neck. The harness comes in three sizes, ranging from 1 to 10, to accommodate dogs from 2 lbs (1 kg), through to 100 lbs (46 kg). But, it does come with a (very) hefty price tag, which we are talking about $6,995 and upwards. Yes. 7 grand for a dog harness. Probably not something you will get for little fido unless you swim in a vault of cash like Scrooge McDuck does.

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The Brikk Lux Buddy Belt Dog Harness by Buddy Belts will be officially unveiled this week at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida from March 4 to 6 at the Buddy Belts booth #521.

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