If you do bulk of your financial transaction on your smartphone, then you should probably be concerned about the security your run-of-the-mill smartphone has to offer – if it even has any to begin with. Typically, those transactions rely on the host side’s security. It is clearly a void that needs to be addressed by today’s smartphone makers, but until then, you have to look to handset like the Cyberphone for your security concern. Set to be available starting from June 2015, Cyberphone is a collaborative product of 1DataWorld, a developer of cybersecurity software and Macate Group Corporation, a software engineering company, that promised a peace of mind the next time you do financial transactions using the phone.

However, just exactly how Cyberphone plans to do that is not clear. The companies claimed that it is “ultra secure” and is a device that combines “sleek design, outstanding performance, and cutting edge technology, which includes embedded biometric authentication to ensure maximum security.” Apparently, a few devices will be offered and the 1DW LF1 you see here will be the first to hit the market. It runs on “latest” Android OS (if you can 4.4 the latest…) and will have fingerprint reader and dual SIM card support as standard. It touts “military-grade” security and the said embedded biometric reader and scanner are both FBI compliant, which only response to human touch and not images of fingerprint. Additionally, no account information or fingerprints will be stored onboard, and therefore, in the event of loss or theft, it will not be exploited.

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Other spec sheet details include a 5.0-inch HD IPS display, MTK6592+9290 octacore processor (no clock speed provided, though), 2GB RAM, 16GB storage – expandable via microSD card, NFC-enabled, 13MP rear-facing shooter, 8MP front-facing camera, a 3,150 mAh battery and the usual suite of connectivity option and sensors. No words on the exact availability and pricing.

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