Behold! MicroSD Capacity Has Just Reached An Insanely Massive 200GB!

It was around this time last year, SanDisk broke the ground by introducing the then world’s highest capacity microSDXC memory card with 128GB. Over the year since its introduction, 128GB has fast became a norm, but that doesn’t mean users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, have enough. Nope. Storage is never enough. […]

1DataWorld and Macate Group’s Cyberphone Proves That Being Secured Doesn’t Need to Look Dorky

If you do bulk of your financial transaction on your smartphone, then you should probably be concerned about the security your run-of-the-mill smartphone has to offer – if it even has any to begin with. Typically, those transactions rely on the host side’s security. It is clearly a void that needs to be addressed by […]

If You’re Serious About Dashcam Recording, You Should Really Check Out this SanDisk MicroSDXC Card

These days, dashcam is the must-have for automobiles to record your road trip or in the an unfortunate event of accident, it provides video evidence of the accident or maybe catching a few meteorite showering on Mother Earth. The thing about dashcam is, it is a continuously recording device. It don’t have off days. It […]

ARCHOS Magnus Tablet Has a Whopping 256GB Storage – Thanks to the Innovative Fusion Storage

128GB is the max you can get from a tablet’s internal storage today, but that is about to change, thanks to ARCHOS Fusion Storage. So what the heck is Fusion Storage? For starter, Fusion Storage is much like today’s hybrid drive on our desktops which combines the high capacity of a traditional HDD and the […]

Your Eye Will Be The Key to Unlock the ZTE Grand S3

They say the eye is the window to the soul, but in the case of the ZTE’s new flagship smartphone, the Grand S3, it is the ID to unlocking it. So yes. You heard that right. Eye-based biometric has come to mobile devices and the Grand S3, which has been on sale since January in […]

Huawei’s First Smartwatch, Huawei Watch, is Probably the Least Geekiest Wearable of All

Chinese communication giant, Huawei has dabbled in many things and now, it can add smartwatch to the firm’s portfolio. The Huawei Watch, as it is called, is the outfit’s first smartwatch to join its growing line of wearables. Announced at the Mobile World Congress (but of course), the Huawei Watch is a non-geeky take of […]

Here’s HTC Newest Flagship, the HTC One M9 and It Looks Pretty Much Like Its Predecessor

No. We did not insert the wrong image. The product you see above is really the new One. I am sure if you have been anticipating something more visually different, well, then I am afraid disappointment is what you will get. For a moment, we thought the official PR put up the wrong image, but […]

Samsung Unveils New Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Made of Metal and Glass, Looks Kind of Sexy [Updated]

You heard the rumor, read about the leaks, now here it is in all its metal and glass glory: the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, freshly announced at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The South Korea electronics giant proudly proclaims the duo is “a new standard for design, craftsmanship […]

ARCHOS Introduces a Series of Smartphones at MWC, Including One That Looks Like iPhone 6

Well, it is time of the year again. We are talking about the world’s most prominent mobile-focused event and that’s the Mobile World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, Spain. Whenever you hear MWC, you can be sure French handset company, ARCHOS, will be announcing a slew of new products and they sure did, and among […]

Diageo Makes Johnnie Walker Bottle ‘Smart’, Puts Smiles On Marketing Folks

Everything is going ‘smart’ today. You know. TVs, cellphones, automobiles, appliances and a myriad of other everyday thing, but the last thing you expect to be ‘smart’ is a bottle, or alcohol bottles to be more specific. A smart bottle is exactly what the world biggest name in alcohol beverage Diageo has developed. Working with […]