ACA Camera Kit – Kid-friendly Camera Case for iPhone 5

ACA Camera Kit - Kid-friendly Camera Case for iPhone 5
if you really must let your kid have an iPhone (when we say kids, we really mean very young kids), then you must as well get them started with photography (iPhonegraphy, to be exact) instead of not-so-wholesome screaming, furious birds. however, iPhone 5 by itself as a camera probably won’t appeal to a kid as much and this is where ACA comes in. ACA is essentially an iPhone 5 case but we a slight twist: it transform your regular iPhone 5 into a kid-friendly camera. the most obvious benefit would be protection for your precious iPhone 5 and of course, a ‘cartoonish’ appeal to encourage your kid to get started with iPhonegraphy. this ‘iPhone camera kit’ comprises of the camera-like iPhone 5 case and a companion app, ready to get your kid to shoot away. the case features a hard button shutter button and offers eight lenses with uber cool effect that are selectable by rotating the physical ‘lens’ on the camera case. on the softer side of things, the app features an intuitive, multitouch user interface and it stores the captured images in chronological order, where the stored photos can be viewed using an easy-to-use calendar-based interface. sounds like a pretty cool way to let your kids know that there’s more to an iPhone than just angry avians and also opens up the world of photography to your precious little ones while nurturing the their creativity. the ACA Kid-friendly Camera Case for iPhone 5 is a new Kickstarter project and with a pledge of $25 or more you will secure yourself a ACA Camera Kit if the funding goal is reached. a pledge video follows after the break.

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